Promenade Cinématique
A star is born. The dissonant and atonal world of Jerskin Fendrix.

The soundtrack composer of Yorgos Lanthimos’ Poor Things and Kinds of Kindness is subverting the status quo of contemporary film music. Is a new wave of composer-director creative partnerships possible?

‘We drive to obey to our nature’. Meet today’s gentlemen drivers.

To mark the release of the new CAM Sugar playlist dedicated to cinema and motors we spent a day with Biscioni, the Alfa Romeo-driving dandies of Torino to discuss cinema, life and classic cars, and understand who are the gentlemen drivers of 2024.

A house of rites and rituals. How the villa of Le Mépris became a catwalk.

Casa Malaparte, the villa that belonged to writer, socialite and director Curzio Malaparte and that appeared in the film by Jean-Luc Godard has been chosen by Jacquemus for its 15th anniversary show.

10/06/2024 Cinema, Culture
Heretical night dancers

Beautiful and damned, ruthless and whimsical, witches have long exerted their spell on popular culture. Discover their influence on cinema and its music.

2/06/2024 Cinema, Culture
Complexity over complication. In the studio with Michele Bellinaso

The graphic designer takes us on a tour of his home studio and discusses the influence of collecting books and ephemera on design.

29/05/2024 Culture, Soundtracks
Sbagliato, please

American artist Russ Pope discusses the soundtrack to his work and guides us through his favourite spots in Milano.

25/05/2024 Culture